Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bunny again :).

It's quite difficult to post much these days, it seems that time passes so fast !

Hugs and love,

Monday, March 10, 2008


I'm posting here pictures (not very good because there is not much light today) of the two bunnies so that you can see the size difference :

Well, it seems I have passed all Winter without blogging... I didn't realise it was so long since I had made my latest post.
So here I am and I will try to write on a dayly basis now :).

Today, I'm working on a little bunny for a darling friend collector and tomorrow, I should begin to work on a new line of bears for Spring and Summertime...

That's strange to look at the old pictures of the work area in our previous home. I really have to tidy my new workroom and make pictures !

Here is a picture of a green bear I especially love who will travel to his new home tomorrow :

His name is Aimé, he is a new size bear, at 12.6'' (32 cm). He is so sweet, I will miss him !

Here is another picture before they live of Theophile and Félix :

Théophile is 11'' (28cm) and Felix a 5'' baby.

I'm especially found of little bears I create with fabric bodies like Félix, but I'm not sure they please as much as "regular" all mohair baby bears. I'll make one from time to time as I just can't help myself, they make me smile :).

I have to go and finish the little bunny :).
Have a great day,