Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hello !
Today it's a very rainy day but a wonderful day :).
And I must share how much I'm thrilled ! I have received a marvelous wedding present today from the USA. I'm so touched I almost cried when opening the parcel. My dearest Nina has created especially for me the most beautiful plaid I've seen,with fantastic embroideries and so lovely pastels colors. I'm just speechless.
The picture does not do this marvel justice at all, I hope I can take better ones when sun is there.
I just can't imagine all the work that went in such a treasure.
Nina, you are an angel !!!

I send you lots of sweet pastel hugs,
Marion :) :)

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hello !
I've finally finished a little baby bear, still unnamed, waiting for approbation of his/her new mum.

And I've taken pictures of my workstation (by night ;) ) as it's quite the last chance before I must put all things in boxes for the moving. I put them here as I think that this "tidy" untidyness looks like me very much and might be funny to look at (poor Yann must live with it everyday as this work station is in our living-room... He really wishes I have a workroom in our future appartment :D).

Here is the right side, with my favorite cotton fabrics.
And here is a close up on the little white thing, which is actually my very first bear (birth gift from my dear sister).

Here is the front part.

Here is a close up on the little shelf.
On it you can see my lucky charm, a present from a dear friend and collector.

A larger view to the left, with my big window in the dark Lille's night ;).
The left side where I put my mohairs (most are lower on the shelves).

A close up on my favorite books, an edition from the sixties of Agatha Christies' novels.
Have a great week,
bear hugs,

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

So... Here is where we are going to live... Impressive house isn't it ? :D
In fact, I'm looking anxiously for an appartment in the area of Versailles, the city of the castle. Yann is beginning his work here on July 9th ! This is going to be veeery short.
I must admit it's quite stressful, after such a long time of waiting to have to move in such little time...
I will try to finish the baby bears I'm working on before wrapping all things for the moving.
Just a little picture I like before I'm going to work :
I made these two bears for the URSA award competition, as there is a "best friends" category this year I especially wanted to enter. I'm very happy with their color. The big one's name is Loïc, and the small one little Malo.
I hope they please you !

I send you lots of quite stressed but yet warm hugs,

Monday, June 11, 2007

Hello !

First some picture of my dear so old baby "Arthur", who arrived this week-end. He is a true beauty. I would like to let him like he is now, but the filling can't stay in the arms so I will have to restore him. I have given him some boot button eyes which are a present from my favorite artist friend Diane Kennedy. They were in Ditsy's box and as Ditsy arrived the same day as Arthur, he didn't remain blind more than a very few minutes. Now I think I will let these eyes on him, even if I think that colored ones might be more historical, as he just makes my heart melt with the antic looking black shoe buttons.
Ditsy is a wedding present from Yann and is a little marvel too. I love the Wee Scones Bears to pieces.

Another teddy of another style : finally a picture of Yann in his wedding clothes :). Very elegant, isn't he ? And very different from what he looks like in his casual jeans and Tee-shirt ;).

In fact, the past week has been quite exhausting as we had to fight against a fleas invasion... Penny is ok now and the appartment too. All the mohairs are safe thanks heaven, and I have even desinfect them to be really sure.
All my work place has had to be cleaned and tidy and organised so now I will be able to work all days long if all is ok :).

Have a wonderful week,