Tuesday, June 19, 2007

So... Here is where we are going to live... Impressive house isn't it ? :D
In fact, I'm looking anxiously for an appartment in the area of Versailles, the city of the castle. Yann is beginning his work here on July 9th ! This is going to be veeery short.
I must admit it's quite stressful, after such a long time of waiting to have to move in such little time...
I will try to finish the baby bears I'm working on before wrapping all things for the moving.
Just a little picture I like before I'm going to work :
I made these two bears for the URSA award competition, as there is a "best friends" category this year I especially wanted to enter. I'm very happy with their color. The big one's name is Loïc, and the small one little Malo.
I hope they please you !

I send you lots of quite stressed but yet warm hugs,

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Laura Lynn said...

Marion good luck with your move! We just moved ourselves last year. LOVE your URSA award entries! GOOD LUCK!!