Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fabulously Small splendid giveaway

Well, we are not back into business yet but I did take some time on the computer to check a little on the mini blogs and :

"Handmade-by-Fabulously-Small-combo" fantastic giveaway
Just wow. This would look so great in the striped study (on a brick wall, I forgot to mention I was attempting to brick the study a little before I began the work on the sea otter, I'm still unsure if I'm going on with it, but this picture inspires me to go further and use my +1000 handmade little paper bricks -hey, I've even taken pictures this time ;), the thing is that I've realised that as much as I didn't mind cutting out the bricks, I really dislike gluing them ^^', well we'll see :D... ).

Oh, it's here to enter the giveaway !

Hugs to all !

Friday, November 09, 2012

Biiig sea otter and future lights

It's big :

And very unfinished of course. Don't mind the body shape, there is a pin in the back that makes everything look weird ^^. It's really really big. As a sea otter is a rather big animal and I wanted to be able to make much details, I was going for big Steiff size (70 cm, my dream antic teddy is this size, if I had room, money and was not afraid of awful-hundred-years-old thingie that can be in the stuffing, I'd own it :D), but it's actually bigger.
But you can see my new darling Bespaq, by the way ^^.
Ok, after having changed the neck joint, now the arms are being stubborn (ok, I'm being stupid :D) so little break today :D.
I've been looking for lights for the rooms and I'm about to pass my order (I'm just trying to figure what I need exactly to make this work ^^).
I'm going with these, which I'll paint red, for the red room :
There will be one more on top of the Bespaq chair, as there is not really room next to the big bed head, so the oldest girl will read in her chair instead of in her bed (well why not).

And these for the striped study (no decent photomanip to show, but they will be upward) and the teal room :
You can see that I've tried the seattee and the other chair of the Bespaq set in the teal room and... well, they are staying here I think :). I'll have to put greenish and brownish pictures on the walls to recall the colors of the chairs and balance the teal and it should work :).
(oh, the coffee table is not a real one, it's a poor Mechtorian laying on the floor pretending he is a coffee table to help, how cruel of me)

Thanks so much Brae to have taught me the lamps could be used upside down, I just never had thought about it and this works really better for me ! :)


Saturday update : little otter's arms are working good now :).
Second Saturday update : I think I've got the feet right, hey, we are getting somewhere ^^.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Mini sea otter : progresses so far

I think I need to create it completely before giving you the step by step explanations as it will need some twicking around.
But it won't be long to come :).
Besides, this little one is way bigger than I thought, so I'll try to make a smaller version (less jointed), as this one will be as big as a little child in 1/12 scale I'm afraid. So pretty much a doll, more than a toy for a doll. We'll see :).
I might remain silent while finishing up this little creature but I'll try to make dayly posts with the explanations as soon as it is completed :).

Monday, November 05, 2012

Sea otter mini teddy project -part 1

Here is the first post since October that could vaguely interest teddy bear lovers ^^ :). I've begun working on my first dollhouse scale teddy project, only thing is that it won't be a bear but a sea otter.
This first picture is the proportions I'm going with. Of course, it's not meant to be realistic, in fact as little realistic as a teddy bear is next to a real bear. I would like it to be easy to dress up too.
With this profile view, the shape of the body, arms, legs and sides of the head are almost ready for the pattern. Paws and gusset will certainly need several tries (especially the feet paws). It will have 5 joints and I hope it will be able to stand on its own (sitting position is guarenteed anyway ;) ). I'm still unsure if this one will be only white with black shadings or with dark body. It seems that sea otters mostly have darker bodies but this one can be a pure white breed, very rare :p.
I'm very excited by this project, as somehow mini teddies don't inspire me as much as they should right now (I'll make at least one teddy bear in 1/12e scale for my girls, reducing my big bears pattern when I manage to use the printer ^^').

PS : if that doesn't work, I can always make a bunch of mice for Ophelia ;) (yes. if it works - and it will ! Let's stay optimistic. After all, I've created around 150 teddy bears, it's not going a little outside the comfort zone that will be a problem, is it ? ^^'- it's for Brae ! To thank her for her marvelous blog updated all the time with fantastic content, her very kind support, and her cookies too !).
Stay tuned, I'll post my pattern and each step of creating this mini animal. Don't worry, I was kidding, it will be ok, I promise I'll make it work somehow, this is just a teddy after all, and I won't make you go into wrong steps. Maybe you should wait until the end before trying your own, though ;). Anyway, Acid Attic Otters, here we come ;).