Friday, November 09, 2012

Biiig sea otter and future lights

It's big :

And very unfinished of course. Don't mind the body shape, there is a pin in the back that makes everything look weird ^^. It's really really big. As a sea otter is a rather big animal and I wanted to be able to make much details, I was going for big Steiff size (70 cm, my dream antic teddy is this size, if I had room, money and was not afraid of awful-hundred-years-old thingie that can be in the stuffing, I'd own it :D), but it's actually bigger.
But you can see my new darling Bespaq, by the way ^^.
Ok, after having changed the neck joint, now the arms are being stubborn (ok, I'm being stupid :D) so little break today :D.
I've been looking for lights for the rooms and I'm about to pass my order (I'm just trying to figure what I need exactly to make this work ^^).
I'm going with these, which I'll paint red, for the red room :
There will be one more on top of the Bespaq chair, as there is not really room next to the big bed head, so the oldest girl will read in her chair instead of in her bed (well why not).

And these for the striped study (no decent photomanip to show, but they will be upward) and the teal room :
You can see that I've tried the seattee and the other chair of the Bespaq set in the teal room and... well, they are staying here I think :). I'll have to put greenish and brownish pictures on the walls to recall the colors of the chairs and balance the teal and it should work :).
(oh, the coffee table is not a real one, it's a poor Mechtorian laying on the floor pretending he is a coffee table to help, how cruel of me)

Thanks so much Brae to have taught me the lamps could be used upside down, I just never had thought about it and this works really better for me ! :)


Saturday update : little otter's arms are working good now :).
Second Saturday update : I think I've got the feet right, hey, we are getting somewhere ^^.


otterine said...

I completely understand your reluctance to invite unknown guests in an old bear! That would trouble me, too. :D

The otter is so wonderful so far! :D I'm so excited!

I'm glad I helped you see things upside down. Hahahaha.

Marion said...

It seems the unknown guests can get frozen for safety but still ^^'.

I'm really happy the little otter pleases you, I'm actually both especially anxious and super excited making somehting for you as I know your pictures will look wonderful. So the little creature has better look good ^^ (And, oh my, I've just realised, if you take a picture of the otter in front of or in the Heritage, it's a little like if I was to visit too somehow ^^, yeah !).