Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Mini sea otter : progresses so far

I think I need to create it completely before giving you the step by step explanations as it will need some twicking around.
But it won't be long to come :).
Besides, this little one is way bigger than I thought, so I'll try to make a smaller version (less jointed), as this one will be as big as a little child in 1/12 scale I'm afraid. So pretty much a doll, more than a toy for a doll. We'll see :).
I might remain silent while finishing up this little creature but I'll try to make dayly posts with the explanations as soon as it is completed :).


otterine said...

Swoon! I love him already! I don't mind if he's bigger. :D

otterine said...

I wanted to add...when I was a child, my aunt made me a stuffed bison that was the same size as me. I loved it, too! :D

Marion said...

Thanks so much, dear Brae ! I'm so happy it pleases you :). The body seems to turn out ok so the most difficult part will be the limbs but it's a matter of a few days I think :).