Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fabulously Small splendid giveaway

Well, we are not back into business yet but I did take some time on the computer to check a little on the mini blogs and :

"Handmade-by-Fabulously-Small-combo" fantastic giveaway
Just wow. This would look so great in the striped study (on a brick wall, I forgot to mention I was attempting to brick the study a little before I began the work on the sea otter, I'm still unsure if I'm going on with it, but this picture inspires me to go further and use my +1000 handmade little paper bricks -hey, I've even taken pictures this time ;), the thing is that I've realised that as much as I didn't mind cutting out the bricks, I really dislike gluing them ^^', well we'll see :D... ).

Oh, it's here to enter the giveaway !

Hugs to all !


Fabulously Small said...

Hi Marion,
I just tried to find a way to contact you to answer your question (in case you didn't think to look again in my comments) and looking for a way to contact I came at your blog and saw your post about my give-away, so what better place to put in my answer right? With warm regards, Monique

Here it is:

Hi Marion,
a bit later than I intended I want to react on your question about the existence of a store: the answer is no... unfortunately not. YET! Because.... I do have - very - serious plans about that, starting a webshop selling these and more. Unfortunately due to very poor health, not something I'll be able to in the foreseeable future, very glad I can work on something sometimes for myself these days, but hopefully in the longrun I will (dream of it and have so many items in mind that I think is a market for).

Oh, and by the way: you posting my giveaway on your blog counts as a 2nd chance to win my give-away! There's no minimum of followers you must have in order to get that 2nd chance, just that you post about it on your blog, which you did. So, there! :)

Marion said...

Thanks a lot for your kind answer,
I really hope your health improve quickly ! Thanks for sharing your marvelous work !

Fabulously Small said...

Thanks for your kind wishes. Me too! :)