Monday, June 11, 2007

Hello !

First some picture of my dear so old baby "Arthur", who arrived this week-end. He is a true beauty. I would like to let him like he is now, but the filling can't stay in the arms so I will have to restore him. I have given him some boot button eyes which are a present from my favorite artist friend Diane Kennedy. They were in Ditsy's box and as Ditsy arrived the same day as Arthur, he didn't remain blind more than a very few minutes. Now I think I will let these eyes on him, even if I think that colored ones might be more historical, as he just makes my heart melt with the antic looking black shoe buttons.
Ditsy is a wedding present from Yann and is a little marvel too. I love the Wee Scones Bears to pieces.

Another teddy of another style : finally a picture of Yann in his wedding clothes :). Very elegant, isn't he ? And very different from what he looks like in his casual jeans and Tee-shirt ;).

In fact, the past week has been quite exhausting as we had to fight against a fleas invasion... Penny is ok now and the appartment too. All the mohairs are safe thanks heaven, and I have even desinfect them to be really sure.
All my work place has had to be cleaned and tidy and organised so now I will be able to work all days long if all is ok :).

Have a wonderful week,

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Vee said...

Ohhhhh the poor little guy... he is losing his stuffing, his arm looks almost painful....... awww...but least he can see!