Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Armand in bright light.
I have difficulties with taking pictures of my dear big Armand. After rain, the sun is now so shiny that the pictures are really burnt (this one is taken indoor).
Armand is a special order for a friend. I'm now working on an old rose girl like him (in fact, on several pink bears, from 5'' to 15'' as I have dyed several shades of rose in the same time, I really love "camaïeux" of colors). I have some blue bears to finish too... I'm quite disorganized since March in fact. We were supposed to move, and didn't, and might have to change home and city soon... But nothing sure and I must admit this slows me down a lot (and the wedding doesn't help either ;) )... I promise that as soon as we are in the new home, the bearmaking time will be normal again and that the waiting bears will all come to life !

I add here some pictures of baby Penny (ok, she isn't a baby anymore :D) that make me smile : quite unhappy, my own little Bastet and ready to jump. Now I'm going to sew a little :).

I send you lots of bear hugs, hoping May is beautiful for you too,


Laura Lynn said...

Hi Marion! LOVE your new blog! I've added your link to my own. Armand is STUNNING!!! He's just wonderful! "Baby" Penny is so adorable... good luck with all the wedding plans and congratulations!!

Laura Lynn

Marion said...

Thanks a lot for the kind words, Laura ! I've added your blog too :).

Louise Peers said...

Beautiful bears and beautiful cat.Great blog Marion,I will add you to mine shortly.