Sunday, May 27, 2007

I have found a little bear in need of some loving care on ebay this week-end. He is 15''.
I plan to work on him as a hobby after work (yes, bear restoration after bearmaking ;) ). There isn't so much work on him, I will have to patch the arms paw pads and to redo the feet. The most difficult part in my opinion is to find the right eyes (I won't let him blind, poor wee soul).
I evaluate him as an american bear from the 1920, but my knowledge is far from perfect as far as antique bears are concerned. I pass much time on bear shops website and on ebay antique bears sections in order to see as many old bears as I can. Here are some early american bears, to compare with him :

I will do my best to do this antique bear justice. I don't think I will clean him too much as I feel that perfectly cleaned mohair has a brand new look that makes the bear loose a little of his charm. Here is a test with eyes (of course it's an hypothetical placement for the moment, I will put the eyes in the original holes when the bear will be at home) :
I think I will even let the threads in excess on him, as he might have lees character with more perfect features .
Of course it will be easier to judge with the bear in the fur instead of just pictures :D... It's always difficult for me to wait ;).

I'm going back to work now :).

Have a great week-end,
bear hugs,

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Vee said...

Awwww poor little guy... looks like he does need some tender loving care. .......good luck with him Marion....I have a huge list of blogs...and am adding u too......