Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hello !
I've finally finished a little baby bear, still unnamed, waiting for approbation of his/her new mum.

And I've taken pictures of my workstation (by night ;) ) as it's quite the last chance before I must put all things in boxes for the moving. I put them here as I think that this "tidy" untidyness looks like me very much and might be funny to look at (poor Yann must live with it everyday as this work station is in our living-room... He really wishes I have a workroom in our future appartment :D).

Here is the right side, with my favorite cotton fabrics.
And here is a close up on the little white thing, which is actually my very first bear (birth gift from my dear sister).

Here is the front part.

Here is a close up on the little shelf.
On it you can see my lucky charm, a present from a dear friend and collector.

A larger view to the left, with my big window in the dark Lille's night ;).
The left side where I put my mohairs (most are lower on the shelves).

A close up on my favorite books, an edition from the sixties of Agatha Christies' novels.
Have a great week,
bear hugs,


Louise Peers said...

Hi Marion,
I am impressed it looks great :)
Like the look of your new house,I have visited the previous owners there several times :) .
Seriously though I know Versailles quite well.I have family that live in Montigny which is quite close.Hope you find a nice apartment ,love the markets in Versailles!

Vee said...

You have it organized very well and I like the little glass jars for storing little bits and pieces...even the colours are co-ordinated.

My "untidyness" is a lot more untidy than yours! working on it.

Raggy Rat said...

super room, and a lovely blog ... i would love to trasde blog links with you

your bears have such super muzzles too ...

and - silly fact - many years ago jai visiter lille, sur echanger ... forgive spelling :-)