Monday, April 14, 2008


I'm very happy to have a new little bear to offer for adoption on ebay.
His name is Lionel and he is 6.5'':). I'm especially proud of his color, a sof and beautiful light green.
Please click here if you wish to visit his auction page. Thanks a lot for your interest !

I'm not posting much on this blog for the moment, as I'm working on a brand new Acid Attic Bears website, that will be easier to visit I hope, and better looking if I work well :).
For the moment, I'm uploading day after day my bear pictures on flickr, and if you have a look, you can even see some new bears before they are available for adoption (if not marked as "adopted", they are available".
Here is the link to my flickr page :

I really love this as it's easier for me to share my pictures as I don't have to write much (I realise that it's much more easy to "blog" in french for me as I do on a little blog about asian dollies and daylife), and it's a marvelous way to meet new people ! I now look at wonderful pictures from all over the world everyday :).

There is a bear I would like to share with you too, her name is Isadora and I'm really in love with this big girl (she is 17''), she will live in her new home soon :

More pictures of her are available here if you like :).

I must say I love bearmaking each day a little more... Even if the blogging thing doesn't show this very much :).
The blog will be included in the new website so it will be easier :).

Have a wonderful week,
lots of bear hugs,

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