Monday, September 01, 2008

Sorry for the silence and very few custom orders slots.

It has been long since I have written here !
For the moment most of my materials are still in cardboards...
We should get our things here by September 15th and then as there is much work to make our new appartment livable, we should be able to finally unpack all things at the end of October...
In the meantime, I'm mostly learning how to sew clothes to a better level as I only really know how to sew teddies or soft toys and I would like to be able to dress them (as well as dollies or humans :) ). I think it will be far better not to be stopped by a lack of knowledge, I really would like to be able to sew anything possible and it will improve my bears accessories greatly I think :).

I hope to be able to offer new bears for adoption before November but it's not sure at all.
If you would like to order me something for this Christmas, I can open a few custom orders slots for November. I will create a maximum of 5 custom bears this time.

Feel free to contact me if you would like a special Acid Attic Bear in time for Christmas !

Marion :)

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