Sunday, January 18, 2009

Full mohair mini teddy

I've just finished another mini bear, but all in hand dyed mohair this time. I really love him and hope he pleases you too ! He is for my friend Richard of Richland Bears and is named "Rittie".

Lots of hugs,


Chrissi said...

Yay! So happy to see your work again! Love your red mini's, they're fantastic :)


sreetzbears said...

Hi!I have invited you to play a tag game of 6 random things about yourself(I hope you don't mind!)Please visit my blog for all the details.while I am here I just have to comment on your bears....they are just so cute.I love the little ones you are currently making,they are just too sweet!~~~~~xxxxSharie

Marion said...

Thank you so much Chrissi ! Hugs !

Thanks Sharie !
I'm doing the game asap :), thanks a lot ! :)