Thursday, February 12, 2009

Playing babies and 6 things about me :)

I'm having fun with the mini Acid Attic :).
More pictures here.

More to come soon :).

I've been tagged by Sharie of Sreetzbears (I absolutely love your creations, Sharie !) to tell 6 random things about me. Well, here it is :) :

1. I'm a hot-water-without-anything-into-it-drinker animal-loving vegan person ^^. This will be good for a number 1 thing :D. I especially love cats (and especially Penny, I'm so in love with my cat :) :) ).

2. I adore toys, vintage, antique, Artoyz, dolls, miniatures... Toys ! I have a soft spot for 1/6 scale chairs and Blythe dolls (and tiny antique softies).

3. I have the chance to live where I have always wanted to live, in Evian near the Leman Lake and I see the mountains and the lake through my windows. I feel the most lucky person on earth to be here and to be able to create my little bears in such a marvelous place :).

4. I'm veeeeeeery shy and I'm more an internet person than a person to meet in real. I absolutely love meeting new people (in fact I love people, and trust everyone easily), but it's easier with a computer inbetween I must admit :). Shy but very joyous and when I get to know people really well, I can manage to feel a little clowny ^^. I'm the kind of person who can jump on the bed with silly clothes on and with Rock-n-roll music playing... Mm let's talk about something else :D.

5. I love books, a lot, and I collect them. My favorite are my two complete editions of Agatha Christie's work, one not really "complete" as edited in the sixties. I love dictionaries and encyclopedias, and... Sci-Fi books too ^^ (and lots of other kind of books).

6. I'm a very family person, I'm married to the most wonderful hubby possible and can't live without him, phone my mummy everyday and my sister all the time also :).

Hugs !


sreetzbears said...

Thank you for the wonderful compliment!Its great to see a fellow animal lover,seems like most of us bear artist are fond of furry creatures.Your mini bears are so cute and different!The little one at the tea party scene is adorable!I think the photo itself would make a great greeting card.~~~~HugsxxxxSharie

Louise Peers said...

Hi Marion ,
love your new little ones and these pictures are great ,especially the one with the sweeties :)
Louise x