Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Picco Neemo

I know it has been a terribly long time since the latest update and that I still owe you a mini Sea Otter plushie tutorial. The truth is I've not found the teenie-tiny plastic envelop in which is supposed to be the pattern since I've home moved, which is driving me crazy.
I'll eventually find it, but in the meanwhile, I promise other tutorials and patterns.
If there are knitters reading me, I've just finished a woolen dress in 1/12 scale for my new little doll, and I'm happy to share the pattern with you, I just realize I have to calculate the gauge and take a picture of my needles as I have no idea which size they are (which would help...).
But first, here is a little about the Azone Picco Neemo doll :).

This girl is an Azone Picco Neemo Snotty Cat Koron (and her Tokidoki cactus friend who, as the cat he is, had to be on the picture). These little dolls are dollhouse scale (the following ruler is in centimeters) :
fully articulated (starting this point, pictures are copyright of Azone International and are not mine any more) :
and with changeable hands :
which make them true little gems if you like anime style, which I really do :).
And, they also have a forever-extending available 1/12 wardrobe that could be of use by itself too :

(oops the right page of second image is about 1/6 scale outfits).
Being a doll lover, I'm really hooked :).
You can pre-order the new releases through shops like Hobby Search, but I've found mine at a decent price on Amazon.com (prices increase very quickly after the pre-order period). I've read on the Majokko Shop blog that Tasina is a good shop for the little outfits.

Hope to update very soon with directions for the tiny sweater, it's fun to knit :).
Take care !

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