Tuesday, February 18, 2014

TADA's Revolution prints giveaway :)

Last week, we've received some TADA's Revolution marvelous goodies,  miniature bear "Flats" and  prints of his and his companions mug shots... and the 1/12 size replicas of the prints, fantastic presents of the wonderful Susan :).
As she included two sets in the package, I asked her if she was ok for a giveaway of the second set and she was :).

So, if you could have a look at TADA's Revolution films* and photos and share this little giveaway on the social media of your choice, please post a comment here (or FB or Flickr) and I'll do a little lottery with all the names :). Winner will receive these high quality mini-prints (my pictures are mostly out of focus but the prints are perfectly sharp reproductions of this picture and the following):

Here is a little photoshoot with a quick set-up to take pictures of Flats (and featuring the prints too, but I didn't have the time to make frames for them). This was made really quicker than I wanted, during my son's nap, but it was great fun to do :).

As you can see, Susan's tiny bears are really perfect 1/12 size dollhouse inhabitants (or 1/24 or 1/6 in fact, or whatever, they are just great :D). Quick shot with a Picco Neemo doll and a ruler in centimeters :

Little bears lke Flats are released in limited quantities so stay tuned by clicking "Like" on TR's FB Page or follow TR's Flickr and be the first to know.  As, for those who would like to own a little piece of the Revolution, from time to time, some little creatures like Flats will pop-up quickly, and lovely little pieces of furniture might make short appearance to on  TADA's Revolution Etsy Shop but high quality prints of all Susan's photos are available at all time, which is a relief, isn't it ? (I was so happy to receive my prints !)

* Susan makes the most amazing stop motion films featuring her creations :
TADA's Revolution Youtube
And here is TADA's Revolution Facebook.


Guio Mora said...

Lovely mini-prints! I'm in love with Tada's revolution work. Congrats for your blog, everything in it is wonderful.

Jessica Leishman said...

Those pics are a riot!

otterine said...

How fun!!! Nice to see your mini scenes again, too! :D