Thursday, April 03, 2014

Picco Neemo sweater dress directions for advanced knitters

here are the basic directions to knit yourself the Picco Neemo 1/12 mini sweater dress.
I'm sorry I didn't take pictures while working on this as I was so unsure it would be a failure that I didn't bother documenting (doing that most of the time for new things).  I might knit the same garment again in different colors if I manage to adopt a mini Himeno when she is released and this time, I'll try making a proper tutorial.
The state of these directions are provisary, vocabulary-wise as I don't remember all the English words for the different knitting directions but I'll find this soon.
I'll try to make the directions clearer with time too (I'm really bad at this :D and I sure need to read a few patterns in English to find out what I'm missing here).
So at the moment, only advanced knitters can follow (and if not, please ask me questions), but with time, I'll try to make it more accessible for less experienced knitters (it's quite hard to knit this small though -I personnally find this quite challenging- so I don't know how relevant this would be).
Anyway, here are some directions :

Needle size :
about 1 mm

Tension : 
6 stitches and 9 rows for 1 centimeter

Stripes :
In stockinette : alternate 2 rows of colour A and 2 rows of colour B (here, two balls of the same Noro Kirara colour)

In garter stitch : alternate 4 rows of colour A and 4 rows of colour B

Decreasing is 1 stitch from the sides, knitting two stitches at the same time.
Increasing is 1 stitch from the sides, making a loop and all blablabla (oh my, I'll try to find the proper explanations for this soon :D)

Front piece :
With colour A, cast on 28 sts.
Work 2 rows in 1-1 ribs.
Here is first change of colour, then alternate as explained before.
In stockinette, work 4 rows.
Starting here (7th row), decrease 1 stitch from each side every fifth row until 23rd row = 18 stitches
Go on without shaping until 31st row.
32nd row, increase 1 stitch from each side = 20 stitches
34th row, increase 1 stitch from each side = 22 stitches
37th row, end two stitches on the right ("rabattre")
38th row, end two stitches on the left
48th row, end 6 stitches in the middle for the neck
Work one side at a time, end 1 stitch from the middle every 2 rows, 2 times until there is 4 stitches remaining.
53rd row, with same color as previous stripe, end all the stitches.

Back piece :
Same as front but for the neck, end 8 stitches at the 50th row (nothing at 48th).

Neck piece :
Don't sew on the shoulders just now (or just one). Take ("relever") the stitches from the neck opening starting at one shoulder and going to the end of the next, you will need to knit bak and forth (unless you can knit in the round so small but I did not have small enough 4 needles or circular).
Knit in garter stitches (point mousse), stripes being now 4 rows of each colors.
17th row, end all stitches loosely.

Arms :
Cast on 16 stitches.
Work 2 rows in 1-1 ribs.
Work sripes in stockinette.
13th row, end 2 stitches at each side 2 times then end the 8 remaining stitches.

Sew everything together and take care of loose ends :).

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Unknown said...

Thanks very much for sharing your knitting pattern. Your sweater dress is super cute. I am getting my first 1/12 Picco Neemo, so I am very excited to find your posting, and will definitely try it out.