Thursday, April 10, 2014

Found !

I've finally found back my sea otter pattern !
Wow, it seems irreal as it's been so long I'm looking for it (I also found a missing eye and that kind of things, no nothing creepy...).

Bad news is that it has been so long that I don't remember anything but I had some articles partially written and I did take pictures of as much steps as I could.
Seems I'm still missing two pieces of the otter but with the pictures I can draw them back without too much difficulties now I have the other ones.
Gosh, it's small :). Seeing those tiny-teeny arms, it doesn't make me want to sew things that small right now but maybe you do ? (right now, all I want to sew is 1/3 doll clothing I must admit... And talking about 1/3 dolls, I've snatched a new limited doll -DDS Youmu- from Volks website yesterday, it's super bad but I'm happy :)...)
I'll try to get the scanner to work soon to begin the tutorials asap :).
Sorry for the indecent waiting... (will still be shockingly long, but now you are used to it...)
Hugs to all !

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