Sunday, October 14, 2012

A little clock a (very) foggy day

It's foggy today and autumn is really showing :). Little clock is a fantastic little laser-cut kit by Cynthia Howe Miniature.
This one more precisely.
As you can see, I've altered the kit a little bit :). I just got rid of the three little wood pieced at the bottom, didn't use the graphic provided and painted it red (Games Worskop "Gore red" mixed with some Prince August yellow and used very diluted and very lightly applied on the laser-cut carving, and a little less diluted on the other parts). The clock face is lovely, it has a clear little dome on it and a little gold metal crown on the surrounding. I painted this last part red too as it attracted too much attention :). Only thing that disturbs me a little is that the clock face has "quartz" written on it :D. Not very victorian, but less say little steampunkinsh-inspired people here have discovered quartz movement already (1927 for first quartz clock according to wikipedia, not that bad, in fact). Plus it's normally an american clock but this one says "Paris", oh well, after all, I've completely altered the kit, so let it be made in Paris, why not.
I love the musical instrument shape it has without the bottom part, it reminds me a little of a violin (ok of a cello but that's because I'm completely biased as a cello player :D).
Have a wonderful sunday ! :)

PS : thanks a lot to Brae of for (all of her blog and more precisely here) her great post about her banjo clock. It was super great to discover these wonderful minis :) (this particular banjo clock will be next post, I made a blue one for submarine room :) ).


otterine said...

I would never have given this kit a second look on Cynthia's website, because it looked too Victorian for my decor. But, your changes really bring it to life in a more modern sense. Love it!

Marion said...

Thanks so much dear Braz ! I'm really happy it pleases you !