Sunday, October 14, 2012

The second clock :)

So here is  Cynthia Howe miniatures banjo style wall clock kit.
I just adore this one ! I didn't make any alteration here beside the colors.
The little side parts are left untouched in their perfect bare laser-cut wood glory and they kinda look old gold color, or maybe a little rusty, I love it :).
The other wooden parts are very gently touched with a wash of a mix of Prince August blue and green (got a starter set of colours ages ago, I'm used to Vallejo/Prince August and Games Workshop paints, yes well white metal mini figures to paint, Warhammer and all, any one ? ^^) so that laser-cut carving still shows a little in wood colour. The bottom part has received a little brown and white chalk in addition. Oh yes and there are very slight highlights in white chalk pretty much everywhere too (I just put chalk on my finger and rub it slightly over where I wish when paint is dried. It's easier for me than dry brushing paint and I can remove it if I don't like it or am too bold. As I tend to mess up things easily, it's a better way for me not to ruin the work with little finitions :D).
The graphics are the one provided with the kit. I wasn't sure if I would use them at the beginning as they are kinda pixellized (not the good word I mean here : little points from the printer showing) and the colours didn't match the teal wood that well. As there were two prints of each image, knowing I had spare parts if problems were to occur and that I wasn't that enthusiastic about them anyway, I soaked the pieces of paper in varnish ("Nasenglanz für Teddybären", one has to do with her own tools I guess :D :D) and tadaaaa after drying, colours are a little faded, blended, aged, no more pixel showing and all the pinkish-reddish colour has gotten in the verso of my paper (yes, I don't know why) resulting in colorings that match perfectly my clock ! Plus, the varnish being very thick, it really doesn't look like paper any more. Hooray for Nasenglanz ! :)


otterine said...

It looks wonderful!!! Perfect colors choices!

Marion said...

Oh thanks so much Brae ! It means a lot to me !