Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Red room with new windows

The small windows are finally set in the bedroom. I like them :).
What bothers me is the visible seam in the wallpaper, I have no idea how to make this less obvious. Talking about the walls, the corner of the left of the picture is not put properly for the moment, the cardboard sheets are still completely free one from each other (including the two front ones, the wallpaper seam itself is even hold in place with tacky paste on the upper part of the wall)(don't ask to see the surrounding of the room, it's a total mess :D).
In fact, the right side paper is above the left side one, as you may be able to see here, which doesn't help the seam not being obvious, I guess, but I suppose that even flush, it would be noticeable anyway.

I've put some fabric on the mattress of the main bed for a test and I think I might go with this for mattress sheets and pillows (I'll make more elaborate upper bedding, maybe mini patchwork quilts real or false ^^).

I was looking for something that would be coherent in style with the wallpaper. I hope it is.

I wonder a lot about the furnishing of the room :
I'm thinking of getting rid of the sofa. It's a fail in itself (can show you in another post, I'll have to make some kind of a kit review I think) and it makes the left part of the room very crowded. I don't know what to put instead though. I have to find something between the main bed and the little table too, or to reduce the wall between the two windows (yes, it's possible ^^, I've already taken off something like one inch before putting the walls back)(not that I wanted to but the room with the window's added depht couldn't fit in the closet any more :D). It would make the room smaller though, which I don't wish that much as I would like this room to give a feeling of space.
The big drawer shelf could move too (even to another room).
I like the overall look of the room but I must confess that the further I go, the less harmonious it seems to me. The fact that I've begun with a square wall with a window and extended from it does not help making things coherent, must I admit, but I'll have to do with it :).


I've made the windows photomanip too quickly and the glass looks green here. Well, it's only a wip view, so that will do I guess :). Here is the picture before the manip :
I really don't like to show those unedited pictures as the paper next to the window gives a suffocating feeling to me. The room is in a closet so I don't have any depht which make it difficult to set properly any print (I'll make it a try whan I can have access the the printer though), but I like playing with Gimp so it's a problem I can solve this way :).


otterine said...

Love the bird prints in the window and the fabric on the bed! It all looks great so far!

As for the wallpaper seams, I usually try to put those around windows or behind furniture. I think it stands out more for you because it is in the middle. It doesn't look bad, and I'm sure it will be better once you have it glued in place. I have a post on wallpapering, here. :]

I think a chair instead of a sofa might be nice to use the space but not be crowded. You could move the dresser to the area where the clock is, too, and angle the chair in its place to make the corner less crowded.

Marion said...

Thanks so much dear Brae, this is so kind of you to take the time to help me ! Your advises are really great, thanks a lot ! I'll take pictures tomorrow with new furnishing !

Herb said...

Hard to believe that this is just a dollhouse! If I haven’t read through your blog, I wouldn’t have known that this is just made out of cardboards. Aside from the uneven window casings on the left and the one on the right being awkwardly smaller than the other, I must admit you did an incredible job on this project!

Herb Koguchi

Willene Fagen said...

Amazing! You made this wonderful doll house all by yourself? Like what Herb said, I think the two windows in different sizes or awkward sizes seem to be a bit distracting. Anyway, all in all, I love your work!

-Willene Fagen

Rodney Orton said...

This could serve as a great inspiration for those people who are planning to have their doors or windows replaced or a major home renovation. This somewhat reminds me of the television show “Blues Clues”. Hehe!

Rodney Orton