Friday, October 12, 2012

Floorings quick review 1 (if that can help) :)

For the red room, I used chevron flooring "Premium wood flooring for dollhouses" by "Classics by Handley" (ebay seller austinnoggles). It's quite nice, even if not perfectly parrallel.

The baking does not seem to be autoadhesive to me (but I may be very dumb, I tried to peel it off slightly and it didn't work).
It makes the floor totally pliable, which might be quite convenient.

I didn't fix the flooring in my room for "real", it's just fixed in place thanks to a little Roller Prit non-permanent, it works well like that in fact. And I'm using the bare wood for now too, I like this look :).

One little thing that really bothered me is that on three sheets out of four, the staples of the packaging were set inside the wood flooring itself, making holes in the wood. I guess it's easy to fix when staining but as I'm using it natural and untouched, it was a little frustrating ^^.

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