Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Antic world globe

As this is quite an important center piece for me, I was prepared either paying a big lot of cubits (gils ? money ?) for a convincing antic looking world globe, either spending an awful amount of time trying to make one. And I found this one on ebay, for a steal, and I really think it's perfect :). Ok, yes, well, this is a pencil sharpener, but what a pencil sharpener ! ^^ Very good aged metal treatment. The globe itself is made of a two parts metal sphere, the aligment is not perfect but I guess that if I'm not too chicken, I may be able to make it better, gently moving one part. And the globe spins round of course :).
There seems to be several colours finition available for the map, I've seen one more pink and teal but that may have been just a matter of bad pictures.



otterine said...

I've looked at these before and wondered about the scale. Looks wonderful! :D

Marion said...

I understand what you mean, I purchased it fearing it would be gigantic in fact :D. But it's perfectly in scale (I think), that's great ! Thanks ! :)