Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tesla and little bird

As promised, here is a little photoshoot of kitty Tesla.
She is a wonderful creation of adorable artist *reve*, I've discovered thanks to Brae's blog, her amazing Ophelia and her other fantastic mini pets.
I adore my little cat, she is really marvelous.
I must confess, I have very slightly touched up Tesla's eyes, so if you don't find her completely consistent with *reve*'s style, this is the reason.
The little bird is still nameless but I'm in complete love with him. He is a Zebra Finch by Malinik Miniatures. I find my own little one even more beautiful than the one of the listing, and Ina is sending pictures before shipping (plus is super-duper quick and very kind :) ).
Tesla normally comes with a beautiful little parrot I've still to take pictures of, but I prefer her paired with the Zebra Finch in order to fit in the red room :).
Magazines are by Tyne759 on ebay, and postcards by Cockerina on Etsy.


otterine said...

Yay! I know *Reve*'s animals go fast, but I rarely see where they end up. Tesla is marvelous and has an awesome name!!! :D The bird is wonderful, too! You take lovely photos.

Marion said...

Thank so much dear Brae ! And it's thanks to you that I even know this kind of miniature little marvels do exist, you are the best :).