Friday, October 26, 2012

Blood red clock and very w.i.p room :)

Here is a super bad picture of my "Early american wall clock kit" (it has been days without light inside and I'm unequiped for artificial lighning). I twisted the kit a little, inverting top and bottom part and not using the pendulum and top trim (the trim is provided uncut and I had nothing to make the angle cuts anyway). It's painted blood red (by Games Workshop) and is now an airship ballast dispenser (I hope it's ok to use this art for personal project, I've not contacted the artist, I would rather ask for authorization when the room is a little more good looking, not that I'm ashamed of the current state, but ok, yes a little... In the meanwhile, I guess a link should be ok ?). Everything here is more or less provisary (the prints won't stay like this I think, the window glasses have to be cleaned up from paint, not to mention all the rest :
I swear the big gap between the high window bay and the wall can be avoided if both parts are glued together :D (believe me, it kinda works when I hold them). I've some little scratchbuilt red furniture planned for the desk and the glass shelves near. Prints have to be rethought, well, it's far from finished I promise :).
The Airship print will be elsewhere and framed, I like it.
Here is a silly picture of the actual state of things (remember all the upper part beyond the light is a closet ! No, my husband doesn't have to actually live with that all the time in our living room ^^) :
Yes, it's a terrible mess (upper window bay could be straight with much effort, very much effort, ok, has to be reglued :D and patafixed better).
I hope I can convert my cardboard walls into real wood ones some day, I would like to make an actual house with the three rooms (basement : submarine room, first floor : red bedroom, second floor : striped red room). This would be a very curious house from the outside though, but I'll try to draw it :).

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