Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dusting the blog a little :)

Hi ! I'm thinking of giving a new try at this blog, going more to the "and friends" part of "Acid Attic Bears and friends", and talking about what prevents me from creating teddies in my free time (yes so sorry, I can't help myself) : the creation of dioramas in 1/12e (well something between 1/12e and 1/8e) scale. Here are some little views of what I've done so far :

And I'll try to give all the info I can about what is in there and what will be :). I'm only a beginner so don't trust me for good tips :D. If you want real good dollhouse info, marvelous explanations and fantastic work and photos, best address I found is :

But let's give a try here anyway, with my bad english and very little experience ^^. Hugs to all ! :)

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