Thursday, October 18, 2012

Red room : moving the furniture

The walls are getting a little undone there (middle seam more visible, left corner off and paper falling on the right, oh my...) but it won't stay like this, of course (books are falling too, oh and fabric is just put on to simulate the beddings). I think the bunk bed is not in its place here, there should be more space between it and the window, everything was falling apart as the right wall had come undone when I put the fabric wrapping, which was too big for the bed, well, you get the idea ^^... I can't glue things right now, I may have to move home at any time so the diorama have to stay easy to carry around :) )(but yes, it's frustrating to have things falling apart all the time and quite uneasy to put back straight and square).
The chair is not the definitive one. It's a Bodo Hennig metal chair (a little aged) to go with the sewing machine in the submarine room.
A lovely upholstered bigger one would be nice maybe ? Now, with the (simulation) beddings on, I wonder (real question, I have no idea here) if that would not make too much fabric, it may on the contrary balance very well the beddings. A wooden chair maybe ? I've to go hunt for chairs :).

I've tried a photomanip replicating the little table, just to have something more in the colourway. It's a little too small here, I suppose, but I like the light wood being more present, as everything is very red and makes the whole thing quite dark.
The more I look at the picture, the more I'm getting used to it and loose size and spacing concerns. It needs something bigger, right ? I'll go hunting for fancy little kits that might work too :), just in case, the chair being still the first option :).
Thanks so much, Brae, things are getting a lot better ! (I think :) )


otterine said...

Oops - missed this one. :D Looks great! I'm happy to help. I say just keep playing and arranging - you never know what you'll end up with. That's what I do! ;]

Marion said...

Thanks so much dear Brae, I hope I can help in some way one day, I really feel honored and grateful you came helping me !